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You’d think, as a  gym or fitness facility owner/operator, you’d be over the moon that industry stats show that an additional 1.3 million Brits will be joining us between now and 2022. A time to rejoice, yes? But history has shown us all, that new sign-ups does not always equal consistent, sustainable long-term revenue. Two key factors are at play here:

  1. While there are plenty of aspiring new fitness fans, there is now greater competition for their fees and loyalty, and
  2. The average lifetime value of each member is significantly reduced with regular cancellations by demotivated or dissatisfied members.

Sound familiar? Or maybe when you look at your membership figures, you feel the same angst as a lot of high hoped owners and operates do?

Budget clubs, boutique gyms, boot camps, fitness apps, Virtual reality, nutritional science… and new innovations are changing the market on a monthly basis. And modern customers are changing with them!

Where they “hang out” and would normally see your Ads, and indeed their very attention span if they do see/hear them has changed massively over the last three years, and continues to keep shifting. And that level of transiency means they are becoming ever more demanding, of not just their experience at the gym, but their engagement, AND results.

Here are some interesting numbers for you:

  • 79% of 18+ year-olds want that gym experience… but 33% will fade by month 3, and a huge 50% won't make it past the six-month mark! – Let’s think about that for a moment.
  • Say 100 people join at a £35 per month fee.– that a potential annual revenue of £42,000.
  • BUT – If you’re losing retention at the rate above, you’ve just waved goodbye to just over £14,000 from those 100 sign-ups…
  • If you just fix HALF those retention problems, you could save an additional £7,245 of that… for just fixing HALF the issues for 100 members!
  • Now multiply that by how many new members you sign up in a year… How big a saving now? £15,000… £30,000…. £100,000 saved in lost membership?


Crazy, isn’t it?

You work so hard to get them through the door, and you only get a fraction of their true value.

But wait… There is some good news!

Once you give them the right experience, engagement and results, they transcend from being short-term low-value customers to raving fans who can't stop telling their friends about how great they feel and how amazing YOU are in getting them there!

Imagine knowing that you’ve got it all covered and that your members are not just increasing their average value, but are out there getting NEW members for you… for free!

You see, in the last few years of working with gym and fitness facility owners on getting great results for their members, we’ve pretty much seen every kind of mistake and best practice there is. So committed are we to our client’s success, we began sharing those ideas and we’ve also been working with some really great experts in the field of membership attraction, engagement and retention, digital systems and business growth.


When we realised the wealth of knowledge we’d accumulated, that’s when we realised we could bring it all together in one single support function -  So was created, The Peak Performance Fitness Facility Success Foundations Audit.


As a forward-thinking business owner or manager your time is best spent working “on your business”, the key is knowing which parts to work on to get the maximum return.  Working with YOU we will examine in detail 3 core areas of your business:

  • Membership Attraction,
  • Membership Retention, and
  • Membership Optimisation


Which when combined, provide a clear blueprint of where and how you are potentially missing out on new signings, losing existing members, and where you can increase revenue and save on costs across your business. Building on the success you have already created, this process will allow YOU to discover and identify where your greatest areas of opportunity exist to maximise your potential & profit.


What’s even more impressive, is that we see this as a valuable opportunity to be of service to our own existing clients, and help begin relationships with new ones. That’s why Peak Performance doesn’t intend on making any money on our audits, but simply cover costs and be of huge value to you. Think of it as a mutually beneficial way of getting to know you.


Interested in knowing where and how you can increase members, maximise their revenue value, and optimise your bottom line?



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